Amfphp_Core_Common_IDeserializedRequestHandler interface for a class that can handle a deserialized request
Amfphp_Core_Common_IDeserializer interface for deserializers.
Amfphp_Core_Common_IExceptionHandler An exception handler is passed an exception and must translate that into something that is serializable. In the case of Amf, it must return an Amfphp_Core_Amf_Packet object containing the relevant information
Amfphp_Core_Common_ISerializer interface for serializers.
Amfphp_Core_Common_IVoConverter interface for Vo Converters.


Amfphp_Core_Amf_Constants constants relative to the Amf format
Amfphp_Core_Amf_Deserializer Amfphp_Core_Amf_Deserializer takes the raw amf input stream and converts it PHP objects representing the data.
Amfphp_Core_Amf_Handler This is the default handler for the gateway. It's job is to handle everything that is specific to Amf for the gateway.
Amfphp_Core_Amf_Header Amfphp_Core_Amf_Header is a data type that represents a single header passed via Amf
Amfphp_Core_Amf_Message Amfphp_Core_Amf_Message is a data type that encapsulates all of the various properties a Message object can have.
Amfphp_Core_Amf_Packet content holder for an Amf Packet.
Amfphp_Core_Amf_Serializer AmfSerializer manages the job of translating PHP objects into the actionscript equivalent via Amf. The main method of the serializer is the serialize method which takes and AmfObject as it's argument and builds the resulting Amf Message.
Amfphp_Core_Amf_Types_ByteArray Amf byte arrays will be converted to and from this class
Amfphp_Core_Amf_Types_Date Amf dates will be converted to and from this class. The PHP DateTime class is for PHP >= 5.2.0, and setTimestamp for PHP >= 5.3.0, so it can't be used in amfPHP Of course feel free to use it yourself if your host supports it.
Amfphp_Core_Amf_Types_Undefined Amf Undefined will be converted to and from this class
Amfphp_Core_Amf_Types_Vector A wrapper class that tells the serializer that we want a vector at the flash end. You should only populate the data array with instances of the same class. If you want to send back objects of different types, use the array class and not Vector.<*>, as Vector.<*> is not and will not be supported.
Amfphp_Core_Amf_Types_Xml Amf xml (not the AS3/AMF3 XMLDocument) will be converted to and from this class.
Amfphp_Core_Amf_Types_XmlDocument AS3 XMLDocument type.
Amfphp_Core_Amf_Util utils for Amf handling
Amfphp_Core_Common_ClassFindInfo The information necessary for a service router to be able to load a class' file and instanciate it
Amfphp_Core_Common_ServiceCallParameters place holder class for the variables necessary to make a service call
Amfphp_Core_Common_ServiceRouter The Service Router class is responsible for executing the remote service method and returning it's value.
Amfphp_Core_Config responsable for loading and maintaining Amfphp configuration
Amfphp_Core_Exception just a type to distinguish between Amfphp exceptions and any other exceptions
Amfphp_Core_FilterManager Filters are provided by Amfphp to allow your contexts to 'filter into' the rest of Amfphp, i.e. to call functions in your context at specific times<br /> Call addFilter to register a filter, with a default priority of 10, and call callFilter to actually execute the filter
Amfphp_Core_Gateway where everything comes together in amfphp.
Amfphp_Core_HttpRequestGatewayFactory A gateway factory's job is to create a gateway. There can be many gateway factories, but as such the only one for now is this one, which creates a gateway assuming that the data to be processed is in an http request and thus available through the usual php globals
Amfphp_Core_PluginManager Loads plugins for Amfphp. Plugins consist of a folder in the plugins folder. The folder and the class should all have the same name. The file containing the class should be named with the class name with the '.php' suffix added.
AmfphpAuthentication Authentication for Amfphp.
AmfphpCharsetConverter Converts strings to the right encoding in incoming and outgoing packets.
AmfphpDiscovery adds the discovery service, a service that returns information about available services.
AmfphpDiscovery_MethodDescriptor Contains all collected information about a service method.
AmfphpDiscovery_ParameterDescriptor Contains all collected information about a service method parameter
AmfphpDiscovery_ServiceDescriptor Contains all collected information about a service. This information will be used by the generator.
AmfphpDiscoveryService analyses existing services. Warning: if 2 or more services have the same name, only one will appear in the returned data, as it is an associative array using the service name as key.
AmfphpDummy This catches browser requests to the gateway, to show something more helpful than an error message.
AmfphpErrorHandler sets a custom error handler to catch notices and such and transform them to exceptions.
AmfphpFlexMessaging Support for flex messaging.
AmfphpFlexMessaging_AcknowledgeMessage Used to generate a Flex Acknowledge message.
AmfphpFlexMessaging_ErrorMessage Used to generate a Flex Error message.
AmfphpGet Adds support for HTTP GET requests to services, useful for simple test calls and for cross domain ajax calls.
AmfphpJson Enables amfPHP to receive and reply with JSON This plugin can be deactivated if the project doesn't need to support JSON strings and returned as JSON strings using POST parameters.
AmfphpLogger logs requests and responses in their serialized and deserialized forms.
AmfphpMonitor logs monitoring information, and makes it possible to toggle logging and retrieve the data via the AmfphpMonitorService.
AmfphpMonitorService monitoring service. controls logging, and provides method to fetch data.
AmfphpVoConverter Converts data from incoming packets with explicit types to Value Objects(Vos), and vice versa for the outgoing packets.
DummyVo dummy class
ExampleService This is a test/example service. Remove it for production use




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custom_warning_handler(integer $errno, string $errstr, string $errfile, integer $errline, mixed $errcontext)

Only throw an exception if the error level would report it


integer $errno
string $errstr
string $errfile
integer $errline
mixed $errcontext